Well the blue sky was out for Walk to School Safely Day at North Morley Primary School. Our Walking School Bus walks every Friday and this term we have started Fume Free Fridays so it was the perfect event to encourage all of our students to get active, save the environment and foster the community spirit! We celebrated with stickers and yummy homemade muffins for all our walkers. Thanks to our super mum volunteers for baking.

Our students didn't just stop at the walk to school either. It is the start of early morning laps with our PE Teacher to practice for cross-country and we had a fabulous turnout! The kids should definitely be focused and ready to work in the classroom today...

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James (Your Move)

Hi Emma - I'm glad to hear you have started a FFF regular AT day. I've linked your story to that activity and that has given you 90 YM points. I've also given you another 90 points for your WSB update for term 2 and well as 40 points for your WS2SD event. It's great to hear how it is all coming together for 2019 (and you already have 3x the points you earned last year!)

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Wow! It's all happening at NMPS. Well done to everyone who braved the cold start on Friday although I'm sure by the time everyone had finished cross country training they were all warmed up! Great to hear Fume Free Days is in action too.

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