Walking School Bus Launch at North Morley

Robin Gage

In preparation for launching a Walking School Bus at North Morley Primary, we surveyed the school community to determine if there was any interest. We had a terrific response and established 3 routes throughout the neighbourhood to accomodate those families that wanted to participate.

Our WSB committee created guidelines for our school, and the number of volunteers we needed to run. One of our families generously donated high vis vests that were printed with our school logo and 'Walking School Bus' on the back. Not only great from a safety perspective but also for promoting this initiative.

On the morning of the launch we were greeted with the first sunny morning for as long as anyone can remember and 18 eager students ready to walk.

We are only in our second week but we already have more families wanting to participate and looking to increase the numbers of days a week that we operate in Term 4.

We are proud to say that there are 15 less cars making the journey each Monday and a growing number of students and parents choosing this healthy alternative of getting to school.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Robin for a fantastic first story on YM! You got a few bonus points as starting up a WSB is worth 90 points. You also got 15 points for having the vests donated (from my memory you are the first school to have done that), plus a final 10 points for writing it all so nicely! What a great start - make sure you give us an update next term and each following term as you can get 90 points for each one.

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Awesome to hear about your Walking School Bus Robin! It looks like you have some committed volunteers which is so important to the success of the Walking School Bus. Amazing result to have 15 cars removed from your Monday morning drop off. Keep up the great work.

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Well done! Love the vests.

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