Walking School Bus - Service Resumes!!

Emma Harris

Well 2020 hasn't quite gone to plan! Our Walking School Bus was cancelled towards the end of Term 1 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. However, this didn't stop our continued community spirit at North Morley. Our 'Green Team' students continued to plan and discuss sustainability goals (including Your Move) during virtual meetings over WebEx whilst we were all working and learning from home.

Then we got the all clear to get the Walking School Bus back up and running and recommenced on Friday 15 May. Just another small step back to normality!

As parents are still required to drop students off at the gates and not enter the school grounds, this has also been a great opportunity to develop independence especially for your younger students.

To ensure our returning families and new families know about our Walking School Bus recommencing we shared this information including our 'bus route' via Connect, our school Facebook page and school newsletter. We already have one new student signed up and eager to join us!!

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James (Your Move)

I have been really impressed at how schools have bounced back with Your Move with such resilience after (and even during!) lockdown - and this story is a brilliant illustration of this. Hey, you even managed to increase your participation! On top of the 70 points for your WSB, your digital team meetings in term 1 have earned you 10 points and promoting the WSB in your newsletter gives you another 22 points. I have also given you a bonus 10 for making this story such a good read.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Emma, I have just updated your points for this as you should have received 90 points for your WSB update instead of 70.

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