Youth Voice - Dianella BMX Facility

Emma Harris

On Friday 13 March, Joshua and Mitch from the City of Stirling came to consult with our senior primary school students about the proposed Dianella BMX facility.

The proposed facility is to be located within the natural terrain of the Dianella Regional Open Space and will be developed in a staged approach. The first stage will include a pump track, viewing space and support infrastructure such as a shelter, drinking fountain and bike racks while Stage Two will include a jump track and skills trail. The City of Stirling was keen to get feedback from the community on the concept plans and was particularly interested to hear from young people about the proposal.

North Morley Primary School students in Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 had the opportunity to ask questions about the facility and identify positives and negatives about the proposed pump track, jump track and skills track. Our students were particularly interested in the materials that would be used to make the tracks, and the supporting structures that would keep the adults who accompanied them to the track comfortable, such as chairs and shelters.

It was fantastic to have our students’ voices heard on a local bike facility that they will directly benefit from and that encourages active transport in our community. A huge thank you to Joshua and Mitch for being so pro-active in engaging with our local youth as part of their community consultation.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Emma - thanks for sharing this excellent community consultation by the City of Stirling. I'm sure the kids are all fired up now - hopefully the project will hit the ground soon! You have received 10 points for sharing the details of this visit by the City.

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What a great example of a local government seeking feedback from the community about something they are proposing to build! I wish we had pump tracks like this in our local area when I was a kid!

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