Bike Education at North Perth Primary

Andrew Streeton
North Perth Primary School

During Weeks 2-4 this term our Year 3-6 students had the opportunity to participate in Bike Education lessons. These lessons were run by qualified instructors through the People on Bicycles company. Students attended three lessons and covered topics and skills such as:

How do we fit a helmet properly? What other clothing do you want to keep an eye on? What is an ABC check? What is an ABC check? What happens if we don’t use the brakes correctly? How do we mount, dismount safely? How do we walk the bicycle? How do we push off best? What is precision and emergency braking? What is scanning and why could this be challenging? Why do we need to be able to ride with one hand?

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North Perth Primary - you are doing such a great job helping kids to get to school safely - I wonder if the kids will be passing on these great riding tips to their parents over the school holidays?!

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