This year has already flown through and plans have been put in place to create more of an emphasis on safe active travel at our school. We have had meetings with possible parents who may look to help with the Your Move committee and a few staff members have put their hand up to help with the program.

Our Year 6 council groups have already put some plans in place for the upcoming National Ride 2 School Day. They’ve created a poster we can send out to parents and will be placed in classrooms to help promote the day (attached a draft of the poster). We have also met with one of our parent contacts in organising fruit for students who choose to take an active travel mode on the day when they enter the school grounds. Students will also receive a raffle ticket and go into the draw for some awesome prizes! This meeting also looked at identifying what parents needs are for active travel so we will be sending out a parent survey next week to see what areas the school community can help with to promote more active travel opportunities. This will coincide with a ‘Hands Up’ survey for the year 1-6 student group.

A student committee is being put together soon, with the assistance of the Year 6 Faction Captains. Notre Dame is looking forward to viewing the results of our parent survey and working with our school community to see how we can create safer and more active transport options for all.

We will post updates regarding the above activities soon :).

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James (Your Move)

A big hello Brett! It has been a little while, but it seems like all at Notre Dame are busy making up for lost time - well done for firing things up! I have upgraded the activity linked to this story to be "Volunteer Power" as you are making a big effort to engage staff and parents to help out - and that is worth 65 points. You have also earned another 10 points for the nebulous "good read" factor of your story. Don't forget to give us an update after R2SD and when your student team is in place!

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