Wow, time really does fly! Here we are in the middle of the term finishing up a review from the previous year. Notre Dame made a lot of effort to build on last year's accomplishments. People on Bicycles assisted us in conducting bike education lessons for our Y3 pupils. Y6 leaders assisted in organising and promoting our first-ever "Dress up Your Bike/Scooter/Shoes Day," which saw some outstanding attempts from our children despite less than perfect weather. In order to encourage active travel among all year groups, regular raffle ticket days were instituted in term 4. These days also offered bike safety inspections.

In comparison to other years, our overall active travel statistics were slightly lower. In order to offer safe active travel options that are connected to our already developed school access guide and footprint stencilling, we will consider emailing a questionnaire form to parents. I got the opportunity to meet with other Your Move coordinators at the conclusion of last year to assess the current website. This was a fantastic experience because it gave us the freedom to give honest feedback and served as networking to discuss many ideas, both of which I found to be incredibly helpful.

Plans for term 1

- Select a student committee.

- Hands up survey to help with the form to be sent out to parents. This will also help us be eligible for the SuperBoost program in Term 2.

- Organise our first major event, Ride2School Day, with the help of Y6 students.

- Bike safety checks for students next week (up to 33). Emails have been sent to the parents. This is from the funding we received last year.

- Run a PLC session for staff about the Your Move program and ways to promote it in the classroom.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to Your Move for 2023 Brett 🙂. You have earned 15 points for taking time to reflect on your achievements last year and another 15 for planning out this term. You also earned 20 points for sharing so many details of your reflections and plans here. You look like you have an excellent road map for the term. I look forward to reading your updates as it all comes together this term 😁.

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