Last term, year 6 students were invited to help with the planning of the bike/shoes dress up day that was held in term 3. Students were given various roles in the planning, including: event poster design, bike and pedestrian safety posters, kahoots, obstacle course designs and what prizes should be available. The group consisted of about 12 students who helped over a series of weeks in the planning. The students were then asked to go out to all year 1 - 6 classes to talk about the day. Well done to these students who helped plan a great event for the school.

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James (Your Move)

What a huge effort by the year 6s, Brett! It looks like you pretty much have an official Your Move team on your hands - if so, why not post a story introducing them to us and you can earn a big 65 points? They have earned 10 points for their meetings in Term 2 and 40 points for presenting to the other classes. You have also earned another 10 points for filling us in on all the details of their actions.

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