Hands Up Survey & Ride2School Promotion - Notre Dame

Brett Webb

We completed our Hands Up survey last week with all Year 1 - 6 classes, completed by our Year 6 Community Service council group. This was also to assist with the promotion of Ride2School day this week where the Year 6 students talked about what awesome things will be happening on the day and showed the Ride2school promotional video to all students.

It was good to see a comparison from the end of last year and see if there were any improvements.

One area that showed improvement was the amount of students taking public transport, with most of these coming from the upper years. We have had a decrease in students riding to school so we're hoping the Ride2school day on Friday will help encourage more students and parents to choose at least 1 day a week where they can choose an active travel option.

Information regarding Ride2school day has been sent out to all parents via email and our recent school newsletter - https://www.smore.com/31caq.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Brett - great to see the year 6s diving in to promote Ride2School Day and help out with the surveys too. Are the Community Service students going to be focusing regularly on Your Move? If so, that would count as having formed a student team and I can give you points for that! For now you have received 40 points for their promotional efforts plus 22 points for your school newsletter articles. I look fwd to seeing how R2SD goes!

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Hi James, thanks for your comment. The community service team are helping drive through important information on Friday afternoons. The Faction Captains are also helping implement the ideas and activities.

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James (Your Move)

Great stuff Brett - so that is worth 60 points for forming a You Move student team. I have just adjusted your points for the story.

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