Just a few more student write-ups on Ride2School Day.

Ride to school day. Sounds like fun, hey? Wait! Why am I asking? I should be telling. Oh, riding to school, It’s fit and especially cool! You can ride or scoot, And ring your bell, toot, toot! It sounds quite fun, hey? So that’s why you should ride, scoot or even walk, especially on Ride to School Day! Angeli 5M

Do you ride to school? I do and I love it, so I know you will too. It’s a great way to be fit, have fun and travel! Kate 5M

Ride2School was totally amazing! It was so surprising how lots of people came to school with their bikes, scooters and even walked. It was good for lots of exercise as well. Samuel 5M

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the additional comments Brett, it has earned you a further 10 points. I forgot to mention in you last story you also earned 5 points for the student perspectives plus 10 for giving us a super read. I note that Samuel was so surprised how many people managed to use active travel - you definitely have great potential for change there!

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