Last Friday was National Walk to School Day. This was promoted through the school newsletter in conjunction with the start of our Walking School Bus initiative for term 2. Thank you to the City of Belmont who provided some very tasty fruit for students who chose to walk, ride or scoot/skate to school. It was great to see lots of students and parents choosing to ride and walk together last Friday. Below are a few testimonials on walking/ride to school from two of our Year 6 students.

Riding to school is healthy for your body. It also gets you exercised for the day. Also helps you get stronger.Cars cause 75 percent of carbon pollution.If you’re stressed it will help you think. By Summer.

1.Riding/walking to school is a benefit because it makes you fitter, healthier gives you exercise and helps you get stronger. 2. It also gets you ready on time because you have to get up early. 3. It also gets you ready on time because you have to get up early. SO HAVE FUN AND TRY WALKING OR RIDING TO SCHOOL! By Xavier.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see the plans coming together Brett - well done in launching your Walking School Bus and celebrating NWS2SD. Don't forget to let us know when your Fume Free Fridays are in place too! You have earned a few points today - 40 for your NWS2SD event, 90 points for your WSB launch and 22 for your school newsletter article. I have also given you 10 points for a nicely written story! 😃

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