This week I caught up with my fellow members from the staff and parent Your Move Committee. We went through and discussed the results from our latest parent survey and looked at what this could look like for Term 2.

A ‘walking school bus’ initiative was the first thing we discussed after reviewing the results as we had half of our parents interested in this type of program. We agreed that we would work with our Parent Your Move coordinators in assisting with getting this information out to parents and seeing who would be interested. Ideally, this would be a parent run initiative with the help of some staff to get the ball rolling. The trial of the meeting point from Centenary park on Ride2school day worked really well and this is something we would look at again for term 2.

Our active travel day next term will be on Friday’s (Fume Free Friday’s). This day seemed the best for parents to get their kids riding or walking to school. Our Year 6 Faction Captains will assist every Friday by punching star cards of the students who choose to ride or walk to school. I will be meeting with our Faction Captains next term to discuss this initiative and find out from them what other things we could do for those students who bring their bikes and scooters to school, e.g. Obstacle course before lunch.

In Term 2, staff will be given an inservice by myself and members of the committee about the Your Move program and be provided with a list of activities they can link with their existing health programs. We will be looking to give every teacher a log-in to the Your Move site so they can post their very own stories on the activities they complete. The staff did a great job already with all their help for Ride2School day and the activities they all completed in their classrooms. We might even look at things like officeworks or rebel sports vouchers to give to teachers who rack up the most points :).

We’re hoping to create a good relationship with our school community in the promotion of active travel to assist us in receiving grants for further expansion.

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James (Your Move)

That sounds like a very productive session Brett, and shows that your committee has really taken an effective approach. Great to hear that you are hoping to get more staff directly involved. I'm looking forward to seeing these plans come together! You have earned 25 points for considering all the options available to you and a bonus 20 for sharing the details of your plans.

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