Last term we ran 'Fume Free Friday's to help promote a regular active travel day, in conjunction with a parent run 'Walking School Bus' initiative. The Year 6 Faction Captains helped collect all student star cards on the first week back at school this term to go into a raffle for some great prizes. Our first prize winner, Harry from 5M, received a Rebel Sports Voucher. Our junior and senior prize winners, Leola from 2P and Amelia from 6P, both received a Your Move backpack. Well done to our first Star Card winners. We will be looking to continue promoting the star card initiative throughout the term and also looking to change up/add more days that students can get their star cards punched!

We are looking forward to continuing on from a fantastic 1st semester in promoting active travel opportunities to the whole school community. Our Year 6 group are enjoying the chance to assist with various initiatives in the school and we look forward to the stencilling project for our school coming up this term.

Here is our recent post in the school newsletter -

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James (Your Move)

Hi Brett - thanks for the update from your Term 3 team meeting (that has earned you 10 points). Great to hear FFF and star cards are on the agenda for Term 3 - don't forget to let us know how it goes. I had a look through your newsletter, there are lots of great things going on at Notre Dame. I didn't find a reference to Your Move or active travel this time around - remember that if you do promote YM or active travel in the newsletter, you can earn 22 points each term.

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