Walking School Bus (Notre Dame) - Term 3

Brett Webb

Notre Dame has continued on with the walking school bus initiative run by a small group of parents. Here is a small testimonial from one of our Year 5 students who joins the walking school bus every Friday morning.

All of last term me and some other students have been riding, walking and scooting to school. We mostly rode on Fridays and always started at Centenary park. Some people join us on the way. It helps me feel refreshed and prepares me for the time at school (Samuel 5M)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Brett - it is great to hear that the WSB continued through the variable weather of term 3. Thanks for sharing Samuel's appreciation of the WSB too - great to know that it helps him keep refreshed! You have earned 90 points for the Walking School Bus in Term 3 and 10 points for sharing those details.

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