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Oberthur Primary School
Oberthur Primary School

The children committee held a recess meeting to discuss how we could help other students understand the importance of recycling and how we could further promote the initiative of Containers for Change. They devised a plan to:
1. Have an announcement at lunch time to remind students when throwing away their rubbish, to use the correct bin.
2. Hold a presentation at the next assembly.
3. Have weekly announcements over the PA system.
4. Create posters to display around the school.
5. Create a powerpoint presentation to share amongst our class and for the assembly presentation.
6. Present to classes.
7. Work with the P&C to collect and dispose of the items correctly.

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James (Your Move)

This sounds like a really effective process the students have developed for your recycling program - please let us know if they apply a similar process to the promotion of Active Travel and we can give you more points.

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