Student Sustainability Committee

Oberthur Primary School
Oberthur Primary School

We developed a student committee to organise and present this year's events. At our first meeting, we created a Connect group with all the teacher and student members to ensure that we had communication outside of face-to-face contact. Next, we decided on our main events we would target this year.

1) Tidy Classroom Award
2) Assembly announcements (fortnightly)
3) Sustainability tips in the newsletter (fortnightly)
4) Whole school announcements over the PA system (weekly)
5) Walk to School Day (join this with Ride Your Bike Day)
6) Include a Dress Your Bike Up

We planned a schedule around who would announce at assembly and over the PA. We each received a schedule and posted this onto our Connect group.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your update Jin-nee. It is great to see that your student team was active this year and that you laid out a plan. You received 60 points for getting your team together, 25 points for forming a plan and a bonus of 10 points for giving us all the details. If did any newsletter stories or assembly items on Your Move or active travel you can earn more points - just post a story with the details.

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