Assembly presentation at OPS

ruth dorrington
Osborne Primary School

During the last assembly for the term, we had a presentation for the Platinum Accreditation Osborne Primary achieved with Your Move in 2020. The sign had already been attached to the library wall, so we just used a paper copy to remind students of what it looked like and what it means. All kids and parents have to pass the sign when coming into the school grounds.

We also used the assembly to present the winners of the NationalRide2School day, last week. Everyone who came to school actively received a raffle ticket for the assembly draw. We find the excitement of watching the draw in front of the whole school, encourages others to come to school actively. First prize was a scooter, but there were lots of prizes to choose from!

The data below shows the breakdown of each class across the school on National Ride2School day. Our aim was to get all classes to reach 60% active travel on that day. The Yr 4 class and Your Move team was the highest scoring class with 95% active travel on the day. We now want to see if we can continue our great scores on other days of the week. Great job OPS!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Ruth - thanks for sharing this update. Great to hear that you included a celebration for your Platinum achievement in your Your Move special edition of the school assembly. 95% is an excellent "top score" for the year 4s, and the other look like they would certainly beat the 60% target if averaged out - so you must be pretty happy about that. You have earned 15 points for your platinum celebration and I have also given you 25 points including it in your assembly along with the R2SD raffle. You also got 10 points for sharing so much info, along with a final 10 point bonus for giving us your participation analysis of R2SD.

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