FFFF at Osborne Primary - Term 4

ruth dorrington
Osborne Primary School

The beginning of Term 4 has started off Actively! The Year 4s surveyed the school and did a class competition for our first Active Friday after school holidays. What a fantastic exercise to see which class needs some encouragement. The best class at Osborne was the Year 2s with 84% of the kids coming to school by walking or cycling today. The worst was the PP with only 50%. 8 out of 10 classes achieved between 71% - 84% coming to school Actively today. We will be trying to get all classes next Friday to try and beat their score!

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James (Your Move)

Wow - with a lowest rate of 50% you are doing very well! And up to 84% is amazing - great work Osborne Primary! I have linked your story to the activitity "Regular Active Travel Day Promotion" which gives you 90 points for the term, plus a bonus 10 for sharing all the participation rates. How does the class competition work? Is there a prize for the most active classes?

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