Fitness For Fun Friday at OPS

ruth dorrington
Osborne Primary School

Active Travel at Osborne Primary has become a regular habit. Each week we record the number of bikes in our overflowing bike rack and kids can see we are going to need a bigger one! We have signs around the school, a PA notice goes out to students during the day, and a text message to parents goes out each Thursday evening, which reminds everyone about FFFF at Osborne. With the warm weather and less wet days, we definitely notice an increase in Active travel at our school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Ruth - thanks for letting us know that your regular FFFF campaign is going strong this term. Each term you can earn 90 points for giving an update on your regular active travel day. Your previous story received those points for term 3 so unfortunately I can't give you more until your term 4 update :( But I can definitely give you 10 points for sharing all the extra details of how you promote your FFFF! You certainly have got a very comprehensive promotion and reminder strategy - well done!

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