Footpath Artwork

ruth dorrington
Osborne Primary School

One of the last jobs for 2020 for the Yr 4 Your Move Team, involved stencil art around the streets of the school. Natasha, from Behaviour Design Works, came to Osborne and helped us complete an audit of possible suggestions for the artwork. Approval from the City of Stirling was required before we could go ahead with painting the footpaths. As you can see, the finished product will be fantastic for coming to school next year.

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James (Your Move)

So vibrant - and the stop sign colours even match the school uniform! A great job Osborne YM team, Ruth and Natasha - and perfect timing to get the kids racing back to school next year! You have earned 70 points for doing the advanced version of our Safe Routes/Stencil Art activity. Have a wonderful break and see you all in February!!

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