Thank you to the Your Move team for all of their support so far this year. The new website looks great and it is has been so easy to add new stories. We can't wait to see some of the new YM gear available....and we will definitely be ordering some new stickers, as we had an incredible 84 walkers join us this morning on our Walking School Bus! Last year we ran the bus for Feet First Fridays on a fortnightly basis, however after some terrific feedback from the parents at school we have decided to run our WSB every Friday this term. Now no one has to remember which Friday we walk on, and it has made a huge difference to our growing group!

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It's great to see the support you are getting from parents to increase the active travel happening at your school!

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Wow! 84 walkers on your Walking School Bus! Look forward to see some action shots of those taking part. We'd love to hear how you promote this and the feedback you have received from parents on what they love most about your WSB :)

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Thanks Katy! We mainly promote our Walking School Bus through the fortnightly school newsletter, and initially at the beginning of the year at assembly. However the best promotion we have had has come from the classroom teachers. They have been so great at encouraging their students to join them on the walk each Friday. The kids love seeing which class has the highest number of participants each week. We are completing our hands up surveys this week so we will look forward to seeing the figures!

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