A Healthy World

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Year 5 student, Matilda, took the time to create artwork at home this week and hopefully spread her vision of a 'healthy world' to the rest of our school.

" Our goal for 2023 was to achieve Gold as a team. Phoenix Primary has now achieved gold and we are aiming for Platinum. Every little thing we do or you can do to support our team, helps. Cars pollute the air around our school and we know it is so bad for our environment. The team this year have tried our best to encourage everyone to walk, ride or scooter to school for a better environment and future. "

- Matilda

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James (Your Move)

What a beautiful story Christie 🥰! Thanks so much for sharing Matilda's lovely art and message - that has earned you 10 points. Maybe this could be featured in the school newsletter or social media?

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