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Maria Clapsis

My class addressed the assembly in term one to let the whole school know what the Your Move Travel Smart team do. My year three class did a great job speaking at the assembly. Here is a copy of our assembly speil.

Good morning everyone.

We are going to inform you about what the Your Move Travel Smart programme is about.

The main aim is to encourage children to walk or ride safely to school as much as possible.

At the beginning and end of each year, Ms Clapsis sends a summary of our school data to the Travel Smart people at the Government Department of Transport.

The Travel Smart team meet in B4 with Ms Clapsis during the first break on Mondays at 10.45 am.

One of our jobs is to gather information by going around the school to each class.

We record each child who walked or rode to school on that day.

Then we write their name on a ticket so that they have the opportunity to win a prize and keep the Golden Sneaker until the next assembly.

At each assembly we organise the raffle draw and say our lines.

We remind children to wear a helmet if they are riding.

To have an opportunity to win a prize you need to walk or ride to school.

Ms Clapsis blogs on the Your Move Travel Smart website and is awarded points. She then uses these points to obtain prizes that are used for the raffles or competitions during the year.

These are some of the prizes that you can win if you’re the lucky person who has their ticket drawn or if you are one of the competition winners.

Ms Clapsis did lots of blogging last year and our school was awarded Gold status for the year.

You will be able to see our Gold sticker on the board which is near the front fence gate.

If you are in year three and above, and would like to be part of the team – bring your lunch to B4 on Mondays at 10.45.

If you live too far away perhaps your parent can bring you part of the way and you can cross Phoenix Road safely with Tanya, our cross walk lady.

Remember to stay healthy and keep walking or riding safely to school.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the informative rundown of your YM assembly item - it has earned you 30 points for the assembly plus 10 points for all the details and another 5 for including student content. Have you got a regular active travel day running yet this year? Is the Golden Sneaker award still operational?

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Thanks James - the Golden Sneaker award is up and running. I have involved our cross walk lady to promote children crossing with her rather than further up the street!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Maria - make sure you post an update on the Golden Sneaker award and let us know how it all works so that we can give you points for that too! Good to hear that you have your cross walk lady on board.

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