Bike and Breakfast!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Hello, from Lucy! I’m posting again for the second time in only a month! Yay! I’m reporting the aftermath of the Bike & Breakfast we hosted for our school on the 31st of October. The Travel Smart crew and I were surprised by how many people came.. students, teachers, even parents/cares came along for an amazing time! We had games for the little students, information booklets for the adults and a lot of food!

From Lucy

Our crosswalk officer, Tanya, also counted 55 groups using the crosswalk on that morning. She told us that her average is 18, so this is a massive improvement! The year 5's created posters to advertise for the day as well as using Connect, Facebook and our newsletter to advertise.

It was SUCH a successful morning and endless amounts of positive feedback from parents, students and teachers. We will be doing this again in 2024!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your update Lucy 😃. It sounds like all the promotions you did worked a treat in getting everyone to join in! You have earned 40 points for this event plus 15 for all Lucy's (and Christie's 😉) story details. It is wonderful to hear that Tanya really noticed a difference in the number of kids out and about.

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