Bike and scooter safety lesson Kindergarten

Lorna McCann-Pearson
Phoenix Primary School

November 13th 2023 SDERA bike safety lesson with Kindy Kids

What an amazing morning we all had together! The kindergarten children were invited with their parents to attend a bike and scooter safety session, using the SDERA resources, and Izzy the Lizard, run by the kindergarten teachers, and supported by our Travel Smart team. Together, we taught the children about 'tuning' their ears when travelling, using helmets for safety, who they needed to be with when out riding, and how to stop, look right, look left, look right again.

To facilitate their learning, we used songs and music to play riding games that encouraged looking right and left, and stopping when the music stopped. The Travel Smart team helped us to supervise and help the children, and also pretended to be the 'wolf' when we played bike/scooter 'what's the time Mister Wolf?'. The children loved the guided activities and songs, and were very sensible and safe during their free riding session at the end.

After our session was over, we said goodbye to the parents, and parked the bikes and scooters in our brand new scooter/bike storage area, courtesy of Cockburn City Council funding, and some additional funds from our school. To celebrate the event, and as a reward for such keen participation, Miss Lorna made fresh pikelets for all the children to enjoy!

At the end of the day, all the staff commented how enjoyable it was, and that we definitely want to conduct a similar activity again with our new kindy kids in 2024!

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Well done Ms Lorna!! The Travel Smart team had a wonderful morning.

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James (Your Move)

What a super morning you have put together (Miss) Lorna 😁! Not only have you run an excellent road safety session, but it is a real bonus to have engaged the parents too and hopefully reduce any perceived barriers they may have had to their little ones riding to school more often. You have earned 60 points for running road safety initiatives this term plus 20 points for your engaging story.

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