We had several families who would not let their child ride or scoot to school as they felt their child's bike / scooter would not be safe.

A BIG Thank you to the Phoenix Primary school P & C for enclosing the bike shelter at a cost of $5255 to help make it a safer area for the individually locked bikes and scooters.

The gate on the enclosure is locked in the morning and unlocked in the afternoon. We hope to see an increase in the number of children riding to school.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Looks like a great enclosure. I would love to see something like this at our school. I'm keen to hear if making it secure increases the number of kids riding to school.

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Wonderful to see strong support from the P&C to enclose the shelter. It looks much like the secure shelters at the train stations. Well done.

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James (Your Move)

What a fine looking shelter! Your P&C's efforts have earnt you 80 extra points - keep the stories coming!

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