Bike Rack dreams for 2024...

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Reporters Shayleigh and Kiara from the Travel Smart team here. Unfortunately one student had their electric scooter stolen from our school’s bike shed on Wednesday 22nd of November. The gates to the shed were locked. We found out the problem was that there is a gap between the sides of the bike rack and the roof. We wish to fix our bike shed so this incident will not occur again. Every morning we see loads of people riding their bikes and scooters to school and we want them to continue to do this, so we most certainly do not want people to break in and steal students scooters and bikes. We are hoping to raise some money through grants next year and use it to fix our bike shed.

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James (Your Move)

Oh no 🙈! That is terrible news, but good to hear that Shayleigh and Kiara met onsite to appraise the situation - you have earned 10 points for that! It is exciting that you are planning to source some grants to fix the problem.

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