Constable Care Safey School

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

We have EXCITING news! Hello, I’m Kiara. I am a year 5 student from the Travel Smart team. Next week our class will be going to the Constable Care Safety School an 8:45am. We will be coming back to school at 1:00 pm! When we get there we will be with our buddies, we will learn how to use the iPads and we will teach the younger students how to ride bikes safely. There will be mini stop signs and traffic lights and turns. There are also scooters if you don’t know how to ride a bike. We will also be learning about how to properly fit a helmet. C2 will be teaching the younger ones how to ride around the little city and how to stop by using the breaks. At lunch everyone can eat together. This will be an amazing excursion. We have posted the details on our Connect pages. Thank you to the Travel Smart team for winning this whole excursion for us through a competition!

- Kiara

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James (Your Move)

I can just feel the excitement Kiara 😁. You have earned 10 points for using Connect to promote your upcoming excursion and another 10 for sharing the content. I can't wait for your update after it goes ahead!

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