Dream Bike Competition 2023!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

What would your dream bike look like? Would it have a gumball machine and popcorn maker on the sides? Does it have rainbow streamers on the handlebars and glitter on the tyres? Does pedalling your bike turn on the sprinklers to water your flowers? Would it have a Pokeball as the bell and Pikachu helping you to steer?

Our Travel Smart team had a wonderful (but challenging) time choosing two junior and two senior winners for our 'Bike Month - Design your Dream Bike Competition'. We even had one extremely creative entry of an 'invisible' bike! Every student from PrePrimary to Year 6 participated and their entries were displayed on the windows of our classroom for everyone to enjoy. Every student received a Bike Month sticker and the winners received a Your Move backpack full of incredible prizes.

We hope you like the winning entries as much as we do!

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James (Your Move)

I see why it was so hard to judge - just the sample you have shown here is incredible 😃! You have earned 25 points for this competition, plus 10 for your story details.

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