Dream Bike Competition - WINNERS!

Maria Clapsis
Phoenix Primary School

Phoenix PS are very excited to announce the winners of our ‘Dream Bike’ competition that we held earlier this term. We had so many entries from year 1 all the way up to year 6! It was challenging to choose just two winners from each age group.

Our winners received some amazing prizes in front of our whole school assembly. These prizes were kindly donated by Your Move through our Officeworks vouchers and carefully (so very, very carefully) selected by members of our Year 4 Travel Smart team.

We also have a class prize for the most students who walked or rode to school during the past fortnight. The winning class was awarded a box of games to enjoy for the last few weeks of term.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you SO much to each student who submitted an entry to our competition. We appreciate the time you took to draw or photograph your creative ideas of your very own 'dream bike'. We are excited to see our numbers increasing when we count how many students are riding or walking to school each week. Thank you!

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James (Your Move)

Even if the kids can barely hold the prizes (they are so big!) they seem very pleased! It seems it has all come together very well at the end of the term. You have received 25 points for your Dream Bike design comp, 25 points for having an assembly item on YM, and another 25 points for your active travel challenge. I have also given you 10 points for giving us so much information. Any chance of a photo or 2 of the winning entries?

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