PHOENIX PS celebrate National Ride to School Day!

Christie Read

On Friday 22nd March, Phoenix Primary took part in National Ride to school day. We spoke to our lovely crosswalk attendant, Tanya, in the days before Ride to School day so she knew lots of students and families would be using the crosswalk! We had so many bikes in the bike rack that morning that we even needed to use the computer lab to lock some away. Lots of families were chatting at the gate and it was a wonderful start to our Friday morning.

The year 3 Travel Smart team were especially excited, as it was their first opportunity to hand out stickers, tattoos and pencils to the students who walked or rode to school.

Look out for our next post with the winners of our Ride to School day competition...

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Christie. That would have been a funny sight...bikes in the computer lab?! 🤣 Oh oh, does Phoenix PS need to upgrade their bike facilities?!! 40 points awarded for running the AT event. Great effort! 🚲😃 Lovely to hear that the Year 3 Travel Smart team had a blast handing out goodies and that the day brought families together in the community. 🥰🚲

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