Phoenix PS reveal their new GOLDEN SNEAKER award!

Maria Clapsis
Phoenix Primary School

Phoenix PS are very excited to reveal their latest version of the 'Golden Sneaker' award. Each fortnight, students are encouraged to walk, ride or catch public transport to school. Students who do so are rewarded with a raffle ticket and a chance to win some fantastic 'Your Move' prizes at the next assembly. Winning students are also given the opportunity to keep the Golden Sneaker in their classroom for the week. We are looking forward to revealing the new, glittery version of the Golden Sneaker at our next assembly.

Stay tuned to see what Phoenix PS have planned for Term 4!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Maria and all at Phoenix - we missed you! Great to hear things are moving along at Phoenix PS. I have linked your story to the activity "Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 3" which gives you 90 points. Don't forget to give an update on that each term to maximise your points. You also earned 25 points for continuing your Golden Sneaker award this year. I look forward to hearing about your T4 plans - see you soon!

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I love your new Golden Sneaker Award too Maria. It must be fun making it. Do the kids do it, or do you?

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Hi Jillian, The Year 4's collect all of the data and hand out the prizes. A parent at the school actually made the Golden sneaker for us! Thank you for your comment.

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