Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

On the 9th of December, Phoenix PS hosted a Walk to School Friday. We had so much support for our special event and every class from Kindergarten to Year 6 were able to take part. Our incredible 'Travel Smarties' team arrived to school early (by foot of course) and were waiting patiently, clipboard in hand, to record the data. The team handed out stickers at the junior school gate and badges at the senior gate for any students who walked or rode to school, feeling very offical in our vests and badges. We also made sure to thank our crosswalk attendant, Tanya, for all of her hard work in keeping us safe during the year.

That morning, members of the team were also busy recording names of students (including many of their younger siblings) who took part and converting this list of names to individual raffle tickets. Over the school PA system, one member of our team read out the two winners (one junior and one senior) who received a backpack full of amazing prizes from the Your Move team. These included drink bottles, stickers, bookmarks, bike lights and a new bell. We noticed there were fewer cars at the drop off points around the school, which was fantastic to see. We also had positive feedback that the students were excited to chat with their friends on the way to school and many arrived earlier to lessons just so they could participate. Our principal commented on the overall success of the event, one that we are hoping to turn in to a 'Walk to School Friday' in 2023. Thank you to all of the students and their families who took part!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Sounds like a fantastic event Christie! Congratulations to the team. That's an exciting prospect to make it a regular Friday feature 😍 You've earned 40 activity points and another 10 for great detail.

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