Phoenix Ride to School Day - 2022

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Ride to school day 2022! Such a success that we had to play Tetris with the bikes and scooters as we tried to fit them all in the bike compound. It took 4 students, our principal and our amazing sports teacher to work out how we could fit bikes from 73 students into the bike area! For a small school, we had amazing support for this day. It was so nice to see families riding together, younger siblings feeling part of the day and a buzz of excitement when students enjoyed a small treat or a Your Move sticker as they peddled through the gates.

Thank you to all who were able to support us today. Thank you also to my wonderful Travel Smart team for coming to school early, surveying the classes, handing out icy-poles at break time to our winners and distributing the prizes or raffle tickets. Their enthusiasm and initiative does not go unnoticed. This year we had two classes of students signing up to be part of our team. We have some ideas to go even bigger next year!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for 2022 Christie and everyone at Phoenix PS! I love the imagary of your tetris activity in squeezing all the bikes in 😊. I'm glad you mentioned your new Student Team, as setting one up has earned you 60 points on top of the 40 for the event day. You also earned 15 points for sharing all those wonderful reflections as well as your participation numbers. Don't forget to give us an update after your next team meeting 😀.

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