Safe Routes to Schools!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Hello, I’m very sorry that we haven’t given you an update in a while but that changes today! On June the 19th volunteers from the Travel Smart team were selected to paint directions for the nearby local kids to safely find their way to the school. Zaria and I were chosen to be volunteers, as well as the other 17 Travel Smart members. Instead of painting and holding the stencils, we decided to take photos to put on this week’s blog! (I’m not promising weekly blogs, but I will try my best for you..). We had we had such a blast walking around the school painting. Also, we were so lucky to have Rory and Josh from WestCycle to give us tips to paint properly. We even got a shot of painting at the end!

- Lucy and Zaria (Year 5)

Our reflection will go in the school newsletter, Facebook and Connect. We are looking forward to sharing our experience at the next school assembly!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Lucy, Zaria and Christie! Thanks for your update on the Safe Routes stencils you have done with West Cycle. It sounds like lots of fun with a very practical outcome 😊. You have earned 60 points for getting all those stencils down and 10 points for your reflections. Make sure you let us know how the assembly goes and when the newsletter and facebook posts go out.

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