Team 2022!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

This year our 'Travel Smarties' team have taken on all of their tasks and responsibilities with incredible enthusiasm. They have created their own discussion board on our class Connect page, with ideas for future events or prizes they are hoping to purchase through Your Move. It is not uncommon for their ideas to pop up on the discussion board on Friday nights when they are home from school! This has been a fantastic way for the quieter students in our school to be involved and have a way to share their ideas.

The team members arrive promptly to every meeting, with a smile and a positive attitude. They have been asking if they can stay on the team in 2023 and be leaders for the next group, which we are more than happy with! It has been wonderful to watch them be so active this year.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Hooray for the Travel Smarties 🥳 Hats off to all of you for making such a positive contribution to your school community. That's 10 points for Term Four meetings and another 15 for introducing the use of a Team discussion board on Connect! Love it 😍

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