Team Handover 23/24

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

The travel smart team had the greatest number of students volunteer this year, with over 20 students wanting to be a part of our team. Some students are already asking to volunteer again next year.

This year our team managed to get our school to 'PLATINUM' status! We did a point tally on the board each morning, to watch as we got closer to achieving this goal.

  • We had the bike and breakfast which went amazingly well. We saw a lot of bikes in the bike shed and people walking to school with their families. We were amazed to see the amount of people getting breakfast and having fun. It was a great morning.
  • The Travel Smart team went out into the local area and painted signs and markers on the ground to help people to know what to do when riding a bike or scooter. This was a part of the 'Safe Routes to School' program.
  • We also ran a bike poster competition which year 1-3 competed for the prizes which had things to keep you safe while riding. The year 4-6's competed for a different bag of prizes (donated by Your Move) which also had things to keep you safe while riding.
  • We made it our goal to advertise the Travel Smart team even more this year. The year 5's are a very creative class so we made posters and shared these on the classroom windows, the class Connect pages, our school newsletter and our Phoenix Facebook page.

- Toby, Year 5

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James (Your Move)

What a year Toby! Great to hear that you have taken the time to reflect on the year (that earned you 15 points) and sharing those thoughtful reflections here (earning you another 15 points). You also earned 22 points for using your newsletter to promote the Your Move team process - wonderful that there was so much interest!

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