Term 1 team update!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Year 5 reporters Lucy and Koa here. We are back with another update from our 'Travel Smart' crew. We are happy to say that we have given two prizes to our fellow students here at Phoenix Primary School. The prizes and certificates were presented at our whole school assemblies for the class with the most students walking or riding to school.

Our travel smart team has also noticed that we are running low on bike racks in our bike rack station, so we are hoping to get more because the last time I (Lucy) used my scooter I had to place it on the floor because all the bike racks were filled up! It's great to see so many students riding to school but as we’ve seen this happen to other students too.. we are hoping to purchase more bike racks in the future.

From Your Phoenix Primary Travel Smart Reporters - Lucy and Koa

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for that update Lucy and Koa 🙂. The team have earned 25 points for including Your Move in your assembly. If you post a story on your active travel awards you are sure to earn more points too. How do you record how many students are walking or riding? How often do you do counts? What are the rewards? Great to see that you have identified improved bike and scooter parking as a potential project! We'll be watching this space 😁 to see how it goes. You have also earned 15 points for your engaging student perspective in the story.

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