Travel Team join Kindy students in Bike Safety session!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

On Monday 13th November, a few lucky members of our Year 5 Travel Smart team had the opportunity to join the Kindergarten students as they participated in an important lesson on bike safety.

Rosie - "We helped the little kindy students learn how to walk and ride to school safely. We helped the kindy teachers make up some songs to help them remember".

Lucy - "I joined the rest of the team to help the Kindy students learn to ride a bike. It was a lot of pressure... but we did it!"

Luke - "We met down on the basketball court and helped the parents and teachers show them about bike safety".

Shayleigh - "I took photos and encouraged them to ride to school as much as they could. There were lots of parents there too."

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James (Your Move)

Lovely to hear that the team got so much joy out of helping the little ones last week 😊. Thanks so much for this additional perspective on the morning - you have earned 10 points plus 5 for including the engaging team comments.

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