Walk Over October 2017

Maria Clapsis
Phoenix Primary School

I held a "design a poster competition to encourage people to walk to school" for the year three to six students and a colouring in one for the preprimary to year 2 students. All the entries received were given a small prize = delighted children. I displayed the posters in class groups on my classroom windows. Miss Read, one of the teachers, judged the entries for me. There was one winner from each class. Special mention was made about one of the year 5/6 classes for their PERSUASIVE entries. At our assembly last week, members of my Travel Smart team held up the special prizes that the winners could choose from. They were very excited to pick their prizes - all made possible from the support given by the Your Move organisation. The most popular prizes were the drink bottles and the torches that I bought from Office Works. Thanks again for the rewards programme as without your help we would not be able to award prizes galore!

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Hi Maria Thanks for telling us about your fantastic poster competition, and including photos of such beautiful work. Congratulations on getting so many students involved. Next time, just make sure the activity you select matches the story you're writing. This will make sure you're getting the right amount of points for each activity you complete. Keep up the great work!

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Hi again, It would be a good idea if you went and added some activities that you are planning to do to your Activities Page, that way you can tick them off and get points for them as you write a story about how you completed them.

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