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Christie Read

Being invited to join the Your Move Online Forum has really inspired me to build on my current Your Move events. Hearing ideas from Tepi (the Keynote speaker) about presenting statistics to parents or other staff members has motivated me to have a go at getting my students to do the same. He made the concepts clear and engaging. I have already sent out some information based on his ideas, giving teachers in my school some ideas to promote to their students.

Our Walk to School day this term will involve ideas that I took from the forum and the conversations I had in the breakout rooms online. It was an enjoyable experience and I really liked the online format over the holidays, I found it easy to use and extremely informative. I also really enjoyed hearing the stories from staff at other schools and seeing some visuals about what their events looked like. International Park(ing) day was a very creative idea that stood out for me. Thank you to the Your Move team for their time and preparation for the morning. It was very useful and I will now spend some time educating other staff members at Phoenix about what I have learnt.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to Term 2, Christie 😊. It is wonderful to hear how our forum as inspired new ideas! You have earned 50 points for participating and 10 points for sharing your reflections here. I look forward to hearing how your W2SD event goes!

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