The latest P&C Fundraising event was amazing! So much fun was had by all participating students in both the Senior group who ran on Wednesday the 7th of June and the Junior group who ran on the 8th of June.It was a great chance for everyone to get out and get some exercise. All staff included. Almost all our students participated in the colour run, some completing 20 laps of the oval whilst being covered in colour. It was a fabulous afternoon out in sunshine, jogging around the oval with the music blasting, what a fantastic turnout.

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Katy (Your Move)

Looks like great fun Piara Waters PS. What a great result that everyone took part. Are any of your students now considering running to school? Maybe a running club like once or twice a week? I hear that North Beach Primary school has a great running club that has several routes that run through Star Swamp. Check out the website at :)

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