Nutritional Education Workshop

Kieran Moore

Wednesday 30th August I held a nutritional education workshop for our parents. We had a focus on lunchboxes and helping parents to make some healthier lunch box choices. I made some showbags, which were full of information, healthy snack options and taste testers. The workshop went for three hours, we started the morning with doing some cooking classes, we wanted to show parents how quick and easy some items were to whip up, how to get in extra fruits and veggies and how to get creative.This then became our morning tea. We played some games and had lots of awesome Tupperware prizes for people to win. We had a nutritionist, Dorte Hansen come from City of Armadale to help with healthy eating ideas and services that are available to parents in our local area. It was an absolute success. Having an interactive workshop for parents was a great way to spread our health and well being message throughout our school.

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks for sahring, Kieran. Changing all kinds of health related habits begins with giving people the opportunity to listen to other passionate people, and providing them with good information.

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