Our scooter rack arrived!!!!

Kieran Moore
Piara Waters Primary School

Huge thank you to Your Move for our new scooter rack. It was installed yesterday and the kids are already loving it. We held a vote earlier in the year to see what the kids wanted. Scooter rack won!!! Cant wait to use our points to get a few more racks, with 940 students who love to walk, ride and scooter to school we will need them.

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James (Your Move)

Nice choice! It must be rewarding to see the parking full on the first day. Installing scooter parking has earned you 80 activity points - that's a start towards your next rack!

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David (Your Move)

That's awesome stuff! Excellent to see Piara Waters PS set a goal and achieve it with the Your Move program. Time to set the next goal!

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