Our amazing gardener has put up our Your Move sign so this morning after our Walk to School day we went out and put our 2017 medal up on the board. Our student leaders were proud to be apart of such an awesome initiative. Even on the day of our Easter hat parade we had 451 students walk, ride or scoot to school again today which is almost half our school population. We are now increasing walk to school days to fortnightly to help with car park congestion, walking to school is starting to become a culture around our school. Thanks for the sign YOUR MOVE, now everyone can see how well we are doing when they drive past the school. Pictured is our faction captains, Toby Beckett and Hannah Frost, along with Ann-Marie Heard (Community Engagement Officer), Kieran Moore ( Deputy Principal) and John the gardener.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for letting us know about your fortnightly campaign - we really value such ongoing activities. It's great to see you celebrating your achievement of gold too!

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