We have been working with Bunnings and our P&C to get a veggie garden up and running. It is now almost finished and the veggies are thriving. We have some lettuce, carrots, celery, tomato, brocoli and leeks all growing beautifully. We are hoping that now our veggies are growing that our canteen can start using them for our healthy lunch orders, salad sandwiches or salad plates. Our year one class looking after this project are extremely excited and proud of their produce. They are promoting healthy eating and being responsible and accountable for the fuel we give our bodies.

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What amazing looking plants! Thanks for this story, but next time if you could make it link in with changing travel behaviours that would be great! For example, could the class walk to Bunnings to check out seedlings? Also, next time, make sure the activity you select matches the story you're writing. This will make sure you're getting the right amount of points for each activity you complete. Enjoy those veggies :)

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