Wacky Sock Walk to School Wednesday

Irma McCullen

To celebrate school starting to return to normal with most students in attendance, we decided to have a Wacky Sock Day. The best part was it coincided with Walk to School Wednesday which meant that those driving on the streets around the school in the morning would have been treated to seeing students walking and riding to school in colourful and crazy leg wear! How can that not brighten up anyone’s day?

With each week, more students are taking up the challenge of making a concerted effort to walk or ride to school. It’s been so wonderful how parents have supported their children to get moving in the morning as it often means an earlier start.

The student YouMove team (Year 6 leaders) visited each classroom and gave a spot prize (cool YouMove badges) to a student in each class with stand out wacky socks.

The motivation to get moving is contagious. Numbers have increased each week and it’s overflowing into other days. This is a virus worth spreading!

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James (Your Move)

Whoa - they are certainly some vibrant socks! That should let the car drivers know they should really be using their legs!! Although you have already received points for your W2S Wednesdays this term, this post has earned you a bonus 10 points for the 'good read' factor.

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