Walk Safely to School Day 2017

Kieran Moore

WOW… there was a huge amount of support demonstrated at our school this morning for our first year in participating in the National Walk Safely to School Day! Thank you to all the parents, carers and family members who supported students in participating today. The response was overwhelming and far exceeded our expectations for participation. Everyone should be very proud of their efforts!

The blender bike and other blenders were running in full force trying to meet smoothie demand this morning with both banana and berry smoothie options as well as fresh fruit being offered to participants. The demand was so great, we had to continue to make smoothies during both Senior and Junior recess, by the end of recess we had given out around 600 smoothies with both Senior and Junior lunch time still to go, just to ensure each student got their smoothie, as promised!

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Alyce and Stockland Harrisdale who generously donated Hats and safety HiVis Vests for our Student Leaders to wear, All the ingredients – Boxes of bananas, bags after bag of frozen berries and a copious amount of milk to make the smoothies as well as free coffee vouchers for parents that can be redeemed at any Stockland Shopping Centre, Stockland Harrisdale being our local shopping centre is located at the Corner of Nicholson Road and Yellowwood Avenue, Harrisdale.

Another HUGE thank you also goes to Dorta and Pauline from the City of Armadale who provided the Blender Bike for us to use and donated the disposable cups for the smoothies.

Thank you’s also go out to Ms Heard, Ms Ward and Mrs Skepper for a massive effort in keeping those smoothies coming. To our Student Leaders who manned the gates and handed out stickers as well as to all other staff and parent volunteers involved in making this event successful.

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Welcome to Your Move Schools Piara Waters Primary and what a start! It sounds like this was really a whole school community event and the blender bike and smoothie idea is absolutely fantastic. A lot of planning and organisation clearly led to a very successful day. It would just be great to hear some more detail on the number/percentage of students who walked to school on the day. Great photos, well done!

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