The QEIIMC Trust is Against Toast*

Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Against toaster bike racks that is! We have been mounting a gradual campaign against the archaic toaster rack scourge on our campus in order to provide improved external bike parking options as the warmer weather sets in. Although many of the tenants at the QEIIMC have secure, internal facilities for staff, we still have a large number of visitors and students who cycle to the campus. In order to better facilitate and encourage this we are upgrading our racks. The new racks are more supportive, allow for more secure locking, have provided an increased number of bike parking spaces, facilitate a greater variety of bike styles and are fixed to the ground.

Anecdotally (and photographically), there does seem to be an increase in use since installation, perhaps partly due to users now flocking to these shiny new racks over other, toast rack blighted locations. We’ll get them all one day!

Photos of the two, newly toast-free locations included above.** You can see we are also having issues with the racks already being over capacity and nearby garden beds, signs posts, benches and fire hydrants (yikes) are suffering as students find admirably creative solutions. More to come soon on an in progress solution to that problem…

*No discrimination towards toasted bread products intended. Especially this close to lunch.

**Please note that these images may have been slightly manipulated in order to foster an enhanced sense drama.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Great post! 20 bonus points awarded for making me laught out loud in the office. But what is even better is how students and visitors now have more secure racks to store their bikes on. Will you be doing any audits to see how much use they get?

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Hurrah! Thanks Kylie! We are definitely keen to monitor the use of these and other (inferior) racks around campus to help us justify more upgrades. Especially when PCH comes on board and we may experience another surge in use and find new problem areas. I'll certainly discuss it with Claire when she is back from leave!

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Just love this story! First the title, then the photos then the text, I JUST had to keep reading. As a walker, I wasn't picking up on the toast (racks). Sheltered life I lead, but the pizzazz of the writing just got me in & like Kylie I was having a giggle by the end. And isn't it just amazing how something new is so encouraging? Please keep up your efforts (& entertaining writing!)

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Thanks so, so much Arlene! Made my day. It is amazing! Always hopeful that the little things like this break down that last barrier stopping a few people from cycling. :)

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