Getting your school community involved in Your Move from the start gives everyone a sense of ownership and responsibility and helps when allocating tasks too.

A Your Move Student Leadership Team will become an important decision making body in the school concerning the best methods and actions to tackle travel issues at the school.  Teamed with champion parents and teachers and support from School Administration this will be a dream team combination. Students are key players in changing the school’s social norms, so it’s great to include them in every aspect of events, brainstorming or decision making.

Your student team will gain important teamwork and leadership skills as they:

  • Represent the school community as part of the Your Move Program.
  • Help survey and consult the school community to measure progress towards increasing the number of students who walk, ride, scoot, skate and take public transport for the school trip.
  • Investigate the problems caused by car related congestion and road safety issues at your school and prepare a list of actions that will form solutions.
  • Write stories about the events and initiatives that are being planned and happening at your school for the website, newsletter stories, give assembly presentations, encourage competition entries, promote events etc.
  • Think creatively, have fun and be innovative to get the whole school community excited about Your Move!

Click below to find out more about how your students can contribute in different ways. Download our resource below for more detailed guidelines and a registration of interest form.

Roles within Your Move Student Leadership Teams

Many students at your school will have an interest in the health, sustainability and environmental benefits of walking and cycling to school, so you may get more than 5 students interested in being a part of the team. A mix of skills in the group is a great positive.

It’s a great idea to complete an application process with interested students in order to determine the students that will be a part of the team. Team members might have these roles:

  1. Spokesperson - good at delegating tasks, can see the bigger picture
  2. Timekeeper- ensures that projects are delivered on time
  3. Team worker- puts in hard work when needed, good listener, good at resolving conflicts
  4. Plant- this student is creative and good at generating new ideas, don’t get too bogged down in detail
  5. Scribe- is a student with good attention to detail, very fair and logical thinkers

Students brainstorming ideas

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